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Member Signup

Signup to be a member of VapeVI for free! Once you are a member you can purchase from our club inventory or we can purchase eJuice or other supplies at wholesale prices for you.

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Store Opening

Before we open one or more brick and mortor stores we would like to gage interest. Please signup and tell us what you would like to see in our inventory. And where you would like to see a store. Christiansted and Sunny Isle on St. Croix are our targets for first stores.

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Visitors & Tourists

Please signup too! Don't worry we won't spam you with email. Our signup page has options for non residents, part-time islanders, etc. So signup and let us know your thoughts and preferences also! Not to mention you have access to purchase some of the club inventory while on the island.

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VapeVI's goals and initiatives:

  • Open the Best Vape Store in the VI
  • Provide a local source for premium eJuices and liquids
  • Local source for tanks and supplies
  • Reliable source for batteries
  • Fun and friendly environment for locals and visitors

Our goal is to bring vaporizing to the local community of St. Croix and the other US Virgin Islands. We believe the best way to do this is to open a friendly and fun store where locals and visitors can browse through local inventory, sample juices and just pickup batteries, chargers, tanks and other supplies.

Please stand by and be patient. This site is still under construction. If you would like to be kept updated on the store and when it opens give us your email or any other feedback you wish.